Thursday, September 12, 2013

What's New in Windows 8.1 for Administrators

New Windows Release windows 8.1 is just Around the corner.Windows 8.1 has a lot of goodies builtin which will be useful for corporates as well as an Individual user.
Let's have a look at windows 8.1 new Features, Which Windows Administrators will be interested to look into

1. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Features

Workplace Join: With Workplace Join, IT administrators now have the ability to offer finer-grained control to corporate resources.  If a user registers their device, IT can grant some access while still enforcing some governance parameters on the device
Work Folders: With Work Folders, Users can keep local copies of their work files on their devices, with automatic synchronization to your data center, and for access from other devices.
IT  Administrators can enforce Dynamic Access Control policies on the Work Folder Sync Share (including automated Rights Management) and require Workplace Join to be in place.
Mobile Device Management: IT administrators now have deeper policy management for Windows RT devices, and can manage Windows 8.1 PCs as mobile devices without having deploy a full management client.
RDS Enhancements: Administrators can now easily support users with session desktops to provide helpdesk style support. Administrators now have even more flexible storage options to support a VDI environment without expensive SAN investments.

 2.Mobility Enhancements

Auto-triggered VPN: When you select an app or resource that needs access through the inbox VPN – like a company’s intranet site – Windows 8.1 will automatically prompt you to sign in with one click. This feature will be available with Microsoft and third-party inbox VPN clients.


3. Security Enhancements

Remote Business Data Removal: This capability is requires implementation in the client application and in the server application (Mail + Exchange Server). The client application determines if the wipe simply makes the data inaccessible or actually deletes it.
Malware Resistance: Windows Defender, Microsoft’s free antivirus solution in Windows 8, will include network behavior monitoring to help detect and stop the execution of known and unknown malware. Internet Explorer will scan binary extensions (e.g. ActiveX) using the antimalware solution before potentially harmful code is executed.

There are hundreds of another features in windows 8.1 which you would like to test yourself and experience the same. just install the new windows 8.1 & enjoy. 

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