Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Exchange server Interview Questions

Hi Friends,

Here are some exchange server interview questions.

1. What is difference between exchnage 2003 standard edition and enterprise edition.
2. What is difference between .edb and .stm files
3. What is MAPI and MIME.
4. Describe exchange 2007 clustering. and difference between them.
5. What type Of clusters are available in exchnage 2003/2007.
6. What are routing groups and administrative groups.
7. What is transport dumpster. how do you configure.
8. What is bridgehead server. in exchange 2003. What type of connector available in exchage 2003.
9. What is circullar logging. how do you configure it.
10. Steps of Transition from exchange 2003 to exchange 2007.
11. Name of exchnage services. what is use of "system attendent" service.
12. Major features of exchange 2007.
13. What is edge transport server. How do you configure Edge subscription.

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