Wednesday, November 25, 2009

System administrator Interview Questions Part-2

Hi friends.

Here I am posting some more questions on system administrator Interview. Please see part-1of this post

1. Describe Active directory partitions ?
2. What is DNS. Types of DNS Zones, what is Stub zone?
3. What types of Resource record are available in DNS and their use.
4. Types of DNS Queries and difference between them
5. Describe DHCP Lease process. difference between scope and supescope.
6. What is Group policy modelling. What is loopback policy.
7. Which protocol is used for Active directory replication. what is intersite and intrasite replication?
8. Features of NTFS. Difference between NTFS and FAT file system.
9. What is RAID. Types of RAID.
10. What is the Age of Active directory backup. How do you backup active directory.

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